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Assistant Chief Master Instructor, Nick Sellars, 6th Dan

Nick Sellars began Hapkido training in 1991 under the tuition of Sam Plumb.  He has travelled all over the world accompanying Sam Plumb, teaching Hapkido.  He has also trained in Korea.




DEAN LOVE, 1st Dan


Dean has been a practitioner of Moo Hak Kwan Hapkido since the late 1990's.  He offers small classes and private tuition in the Leicester area.







Master Stanislaw Sterkowicz

  Prof. Dr. Hab. Stanislaw Sterkowicz, to give him his full title, is the Chief Instructor for Hapkido in Poland.  Under the tutelage of Chief Master Sam Plumb, Master Sterkowicz has become the first martial artist in Poland to reach the esteemed 5th Degree Master Level in Hapkido Moo Hak Kwan.

  A student for life, Master Sterkowicz has been training in martial arts from a young age.  He continues to train, research and document all aspects of martial arts.  This goes hand-in-hand with his position of the director of the Combat Sports Department at the Academy of Physical Education (AWF) in Krakow.  He has taught numerous students to black belt level many of whom now run their own Hapkido classes.  In his professional capacity he has travelled the world lecturing on martial arts. When travelling and teaching, Master Sterkowicz respects his role as both martial arts leader and ambassador for his native Poland.

  Master Sterkowicz is commited to maintaining high standards of excellence personally, professionally, and in the Korean martial arts.  In addition to overseeing regular, busy Hapkido class schedules, he continues to train and teach his staff.  Through his leadership in Poland, the Hapkido community will be supported in its development and maintaining the highest degree of excellence.  This will be done while preserving the true art and its  traditions.




Rafal Pietrucha & Edyta Gielas

Rafal Pietruch and Edyta Gielas have both trained in Hapkido from a very young age.  They are both 4th Dan black belts and train regularly with Master Sam Plumb.  The pair conduct Hapkido classes in the Krakow area which have a very successful junior section and they also organize annual Hapkido Summer Camps in Poland.

  They focus on training their students to become contributing members of society.  They feel it is important for their students to develop a strong sense of confidence and character.  Helping one another and being a role model to others is a running theme in their Do-Jang.

  Future goals for both instructors include technical improvement of Hapkido skills and forms and spreading Hapkido to a wider audience.

Katarzyna Sterkowicz-Przybycien & Rafal Przybycien

This formidable husband and wife team believe in keeping Hapkido in the family as they are the daughter and son-in-law of Master Stanislaw Sterkowicz.

  They are both graduates of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow.

  Rafal is the organizer of the Annual Festival of Martial Arts held in Krakow and is constantly looking for new ways to promote and develop Hapkido. This 4th Degree black belt is a highly dynamic teacher and his high level of skill and energy excite his students at every class.

  From a young age Katarzyna was one of the top gymnastics competitors in Poland.  Her gymnastics training came in very useful when she began her Hapkido journey under the tutelage of her father.  With all this experience she brings tremendous enthusiasm, motivation and skill to every student.  She holds 4th Degree black belt and is one of the most prominent female instructors in Poland.

  Together Katarzyna and Rafal operate Hapkido classes in Krakow.



  Jesus Jimenez was already a black belt in Hapkido when he first started training with Master Sam Plumb.  His previous Master had left Spain and he was left without an instructor.  He had heard of the reputation of Master Sam and made arrangements for him to conduct Hapkido training in Spain.  Now, many years later, Jesus is one of Master Sam's most loyal students.

  Jesus conducts Hapkido classes in the city of Alicante where he has a growing number of enthusiastic students.  He is a patient instructor who provides guidance to help the students mature at a pace suited to their abilities.  Jesus has demonstrated and taught Hapkido at international level.  In 2011 he took a demonstration team to Poland for Hapkido's 20th Anniversary celebrations in Krakow.

  He continues with the teachings of his Master and continually strives to develop and grow Hapkido as a prominent martial art in Spain.







Assistant Instructor in Spain.

Alberto is the brother of Jesus Jimenez and is the assistant head instructor of the Moo hak Kwan Hapkido school in Alicante.  He trains regularly with Grandmaster Sam Plumb.





Javier Martinez, 1st Dan

Javier Martinez is a Moo Hak Kwan representative for Spain and is a martial arts instructor to the Spanish police force.  He trains regularly with Jesus Jimenez and Master Sam Plumb.



Master Michael Paleologos holds the ranks of 7th Dan in Hapkido and 5th Dan in Taekwondo.  He teaches at the Athletic School of Tzitzifies in Kallithea, Athens, Greece.  He is certified by the Secretary of Athletics and he has twenty five years of teaching experience, whilst he is one of the longest serving teachers of Hapkido in Greece.

  In 1998 he was rewarded by the Greek Police for his offer on the core issues of self defence training.  In 2001 he was rewarded by the founder and chairman of the World Hapkido Federation, Grandmaster Kwang Sik Myung, as instructor of the year.  In 2003 he was rewarded by the chairman himself for his devotion and distinguished services to the WHF in expanding Hapkido in Greece.

  He has trained in traditional Hapkido since 1985 and organised seminars all over Greece and almost all Master instructors of Hapkido in Greece at the present time have participated in his seminars.

  In order to continue his training through the lineage of authentic Hapkido under a respectable organization and a traditional Kwan, he chose to join the European Hapkido Alliance under Grandmaster Sam Plumb and represent, with his instructors and students, Moo Hak Kwan Hapkido in Greece.

  He is the founder of the traditional Hapkido organization in Greece, the Panhellenic Hapkido Organization.


Konstantinos Perreas,

4th Dan

Konstantinos Perreas has graduated from London Metropolitan University(Bsc) and holds a postgraduate Degree(Msc) from the University of Plymouth UK. Apart from his academic and professional career, from an early age took up gymnastics, athletics, sports and martial arts. He holds a 4th Dan in Hapkido, 1st Dan in Aikido, a black belt in martial arts ChapKoonDo and Silat, and is the first certified teacher of the martial art Gatka in Greece. Also he is a certified teacher in Kundalini Yoga, Gong Yoga and QiGong. He has training and extensive experience as a soundtherapist(Peter Hess school) and in energy healing, and has trained close to five gong teachers combining traditional scientific and experiential approach to teaching in all areas. Constantly he is furthering and enriching his education and practice and lives with the intention of helping others to experience the continuous evolution and improvement of the self in life.


Giovanis Vasileios,

3rd Dan

Giovanis runs the A.G.S. ANALIPSEOS Hapkido school in Thessaloniki where he also runs the A.S. Dojang Taekwondo school.

He started his Hapkido training in 2003 through law enforcement seminars by Master Michael Paleologos.

His aim is to practice every day and try to give as many people as possible a love of Hapkido and also to teach Hapkido students to be a better human being first and a good martial artist afterwards.

Kallis Konstantinos, 3rd Dan

This high school teacher began his Hapkido training many years ago acheiving his 1st Dan in 2003.  He now holds 3rd Dan grade and has been teaching Hapkido in Oropos in an athletic team called Nemesis.

  After many years of training he has come to realise that when the teacher is young he teaches with his body and as he grows older he teaches using his spirit.

  His other qualifications include Trainer Certification with the European Taekwondo Union, First Aid Certification and Trainer Certification of the International Esoteric Healing Organization.




Stavros Bratsiotis,

1st Dan

Stavros has been training in Hapkido since 2009 under instructor Giovanis Vasileios.  He became an instructor in 2015 at the A.S. DOJANG in the city of Thessaloniki in Northern Greece.

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