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Master Nick Sellars recently re-opened Hapkido classes at Joseph Whitaker Sports College in Rainworth, Nottinghamshire.

Classes are held every Monday evening from 6.30 to 8.00pm

For further details please contact Master Nick on 07970 554451.



New Magazine for Moo Hak Kwan

The European Hapkido Alliance has produced a new magazine entitled DOJANG specifically for students of Moo Hak Kwan Hapkido.

A printable PDF version is available free to all Moo Hak Kwan and EHA members. To get on the mailing list and receive the latest copy just send an Email to


Black Belt participants at the Athens seminar






Moo Hak Kwan Testing and Seminar in Greece

Athens, Greece - On May 6th & 7th 2017, Grandmaster Sam Plumb from the UK supervised Hapkido Black Belt testing and seminars.  These events were part of his annual Summer tour that takes him all over the world.  Master Nick Sellars accompanied Grandmaster Sam and helped in supervising a Black Belt grading  on behalf of Chief Master Michael Paleologos, Greek representative for the European Hapkido Alliance.  Nine students in all earned their 1st Dan.

  Seminar topics covered kicks and hand strikes, joint locking, pressure points, throwing and forms along with Ki breathing and meditation.


Chief Master Michael Paleologos demonstrates self defence techniques.

Grandmaster Son, Young Gul European Hapkido Seminars

Nottinghamshire, UK - Hapkido practitioners from England, Poland, Slovakia and Australia came together for a weekend of intensive training with Grandmaster Son, Young Gul of Heuk Choo Hapkido USA.  The weekend of 18th & 19th March 2017 saw participants learning foundational self defence, striking, kicking, Ki training and practical self defence applications.  Additional training in the following days was available for EHA students. The seminar was organised and hosted by Grandmaster Sam Plumb and Master Nick Sellars.


Alicante, Spain - Following Grandmaster Son's successful UK seminar, Grandmaster Sam Plumb and Master Nick Sellars accompanied Grandmaster Son to Alicante in Spain for seminars hosted by Jesus and Alberto Jimenez, Spanish representatives of the EHA.  Grandmaster Son taught practical self defence techniques.  The EHA would like to acknowledge their Spanish hosts for organizing such a great gathering of Hapkido students, where participants were able to train hard, exchange knowledge and build friendships.


Pictures from Grandmaster Son's 2017 Seminars

European Moo Hak Kwan Students Gather for Seminar

Derbyshire, UK - Hapkido instructors and students from England, Spain and Poland gathered recently at the European Hapkido Alliance Headquarters dojang in Whitwell, England for the 2015 International Hapkido Seminar organized by Chief Master Instructor of the EHA, Sam Plumb. Participants enjoyed a weekend of intensive training with techniques spanning the whole of the EHA syllabus as well as sightseeing and social events orgainized by Master Sam.

  A grading was held at the end of the Seminar where Polish students Adrian Kamysz was promoted to 1st Dan and Konrad Pasieka was promoted to Bo Dan Deputy Black Belt.


Pictures from the 2015 International Hapkido Seminar:-



Cavan Raymond of Mansfield was recently promoted to 4th Dan black belt at a promotion test held at the EHA HQ Dojang in Nottinghamshire.  Cavan has been training in Hapkido for 23 years.







Thessaloniki, Greece - October 2017 saw the promotion of Greek Hapkido students Maria Anastasiadou and Vasilios Tsigeras to 1st Dan black belt.  Congratulations to both!





Alicante, Spain - Alberto Jimenez of Alicante, Spain was recently promoted to the ranlk of second Dan by the European Hapkido Alliance.  The grading was conducted by Grandmaster Sam Plumb. Sabeum Nim Alberto trains under his brother Jesus Jimenez who is a longtime student of Grandmaster Sam Plumb.


Mansfield, UK - Master Nick Sellars was promoted to 6th Degree black belt on 9th May 2017.  Nick has been training in Hapkido for more than 25 years, starting at Grandmaster Sam Plumb's school when he was just 15 years old.  He regularly accompanies Sam Plumb to conduct seminars across Europe.


New Polish Black Belt

Krakow, Poland - Konrad Pasieka was recently promoted to 1st Dan by Grandmaster Sam Plumb on his September 2016 visit to Krakow to conduct seminars.

Historic Promotion for EHA Chief Instructor

January 2016 -  Sam Plumb, Chief Instructor of the EHA, made history recently when he became the first person in the world to be promoted to 8th Dan Grandmaster by Sung Soo Lee, the founder of the Moo Hak Kwan system of Hapkido.

  Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee had this to say about his promotion:-


  "The highest Senior Instructor in Moo Hak Kwan, Sam Plumb based in the UK, has been examined for 8th Dan grading.  He has successfully passed the 8th Dan Grading as a Grandmaster Jr. after training and teaching for more than 38 years.  He has promoted Hapkido not only in the UK but also many European countries including Poland, Spain, Greece etc.  As a Grandmaster, I, Sung Soo Lee appointed him President (Chong Kwan Jang) of Euro Zone Hapkido.  Actually, he is the father of Hapkido Moo Hak Kwan in the UK with the name of his organization the European Hapkido Alliance.  In terms of character, he is a real gentleman in mind and body.

  Congratulations! You are the number one Grandmaster Jr. under KHF Moo Hak Kwan."




Master Sam Plumb was recently the subject of an interview with the Spanish martial arts magazine El Budoka.  To see the full magazine click on the link below.

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