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The flag of "Tae Geuk" is the Korean flag.  "Tae Geuk" means "the Origin of all things in the Universe".  The circle in the centre of the flag is divided by a horizontal "S" into a red portion at the top and a blue portion underneath.  The red and blue portions symbolize the Um and Yang theory of eternal duality which exists within nature (e.g. heaven and earth; light and dark; hot and cold).


The bar designs in each corner of the flag are known as "Gye".  Again these are based on the Um and Yang principle of light and darkness.  The location of the Gye represents the four points of the compass.  Ee Gye, in the lower left corner, indicates dawn and early sunlight as the sun rises in the East.  Kun Gye in the upper left, represents bright sunshine when the sun is in the South.  Kam Gye in the upper right corner symbolizes twilight as the sun moves into the West.  Kon Gye in the lower right, indicates total darkness when the sun is in the North.  The white background symbolizes the "Cleanliness of the People"


Together these symbols express the mysteries of the Universe

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