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Becoming a Member

How to Join Us!

Just come along to one of our classes and if you enjoy our activities the instructor will give you full details about membership.  We'll be delighted to meet you!

For details of your nearest class send an E-mail to:

Just a Few Reasons to Join Our Organization:-

Many practitioners of Korean martial arts want to receive Black Belt certification and other documents issued by the European Hapkido Alliance which is affiliated to Korean Hapkido organizations recognised by the Korean government.

  • The EHA is recognised by Korean Hapkido organizations and Korean Hapkido Grandmasters as an official authority on Hapkido for Europe.
  • The EHA has the most comprehensive syllabus, highest technical skills and provides support for all is members.
  • The EHA is made up of Masters of the highest competence and qualifications. Our organization is also headed by one of the most respected Hapkido Masters, Grandmaster Sam Plumb.



  • Certificate of Dan grade
  • Certificate of Gup grade
  • Dojang registration
  • Letter of Appointment
  • Master representative
  • Certificate of Seminar Completion

The EUROPEAN HAPKIDO ALLIANCE is a respected martial arts organization which provides technical and administrative support to its affiliated schools while assuring high standards of quality in training for all its members.  With direct ties to the Korean International Headquarters, it also serves as the official vehicle through which instructors receive correct training and proper certification.


  Membership is open to instructors and schools of all styles of Hapkido and related Korean arts.  There are two types of membership within the EHA, Full Member and Associate Member, details of which are given below.


Membership applications will only be accepted after thorough consideration by the officials of the EHA.




  1. The applicant must submit a complete history of their martial arts background with information about past instructors and training.  Copies of all rank certificates up to the present must also be submitted.

  2. A demonstration of the individuals skills must be performed in front of EHA officials.  This may be done at the EHA headquarters dojang or in the applicants own school.  For those living long distance from our HQ or for foreign applications a DVD of the applicants skills may be submitted.

  3. After all the material has been reviewed, the applicant will be notified of the decision.  If the application is approved, the necessary application documents will be sent for the applicant to return along with the appropriate fee.



  1. EHA member instructors who run their own schools must register their school.  A completed application must be submitted by the school's senior instructor along with the appropriate fee.

  If you would like to become part of a traditional but progressive association with a policy of all nationalities and cultures working together, then please contact us.

Full Membership

Full Membership status means that all students and instructors must follow the EHA syllabus and rank testing requirements.  The membership fee is not paid annually like most martial arts organizations but a once only fee by individual students and instructors.  Official EHA uniform must be worn by all members.

Associate Membership

This type of membership is suitable for those groups who wish to retain their current training methods and syllabus with the option of learning the EHA syllabus to compliment their existing training programme.  The annual fee is paid by the group as a whole and not by individuals thereby allowing each group to control its own individual membership fees.

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