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EHA Promotes New Masters

EHA Headquarters, Nottinghamshire, UK... Husband and wife team, Rafal Przybycien and Kasia Sterkowicz-Przybycien from Krakow, Poland, recently became Master Instructors with the European Hapkido Alliance. They tested for 5th Dan along with their daughter , Natalia, who successfully tested for 1st Gup, Red Belt.

The grading was conducted by Grandmaster Sam Plumb, President of the EHA.


iIn May 2018, Moo Hak Kwan enthusiasts from around the world rendezvoused in Gyeongju, South Korea for the KHF Masters Seminar.  A weekend of intensive training was given by the Senior Masters of the KHF.

When the seminar was over, Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee arranged further training at other dojangs near Seoul.  He also organised an intensive programme of sightseeing.  Moo Hak Kwan students came from Australia, United Kingdom, India, Poland, and Spain.  Here are some pictures of the highlights of the tour:-


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