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Edyta receives her 5th Dan certificate from Grandmaster Sam Plumb


EHA Dan test in Poland.
On February 28th in the city of Kraków, Edyta Gielas - Mglej successfully passed the 5th Dan Master exam according to the European Hapkido Alliance test regulations. She is the first female Master in the EHA and in Poland.
In March 2020 she will perform her skills in front of the Korea Hapkido Federation's President, Grandmaster Oh, Se Lim in Athens, Greece.
We express our deep gratitude to all the instructors who have helped with the development of Hapkido in Poland.



October 2019

At a grading held in Alicante, Spain, three students successfully tested for Dan promotion.  The successful candidates were: Jesus Jimenez promoted to 4th Dan, Gabriel Lopez promoted to 2nd Dan and Yannick Malfatti promoted to 1st Dan.

Pictured here (left to right) are Yannick Malfatti, Alberto Jimenez - assisting at the testing, Grandmaster Sam Plumb presiding, Jesus Jimenez and Gabriel Lopez.

Greece & Spain Seminars

March & April 2019 - Master Michael Paleologos hosted seminars in Athens which were conducted by Grandmaster Sam Plumb and special guest instructor Grandmaster Son-Young Gul, 8th Dan Heuk Choo Hapkido.  Grandmaster Son's martial arts history spans over 40 years of training and teaching.  Originally from Daejeon, South Korea, he now resides in Ohio, USA.  He was a personal student of the founder of Heuk Choo Kwan Hapkido,, Jin Jong Moon. Grandmaster Son shared his vast knowledge and explained the history of Hapkido as it relates to Daito Ryu Aiki-Jutsu.

  After the seminar a black belt grading was conducted by Grandmaster Sam Plumb and Grandmaster Son where 10 new Dan grades were promoted.

  The two Grandmasters later flew to Alicante, Spain where they conducted training at the Moo Hak Kwan dojangs of instructors Jesus and Alberto Jimenez. After a week of intensive training, Grandmaster Sam returned to England accompanied by Grandmaster Son, where more training sessions were given by Grandmaster Son in the EHA Headquarters Dojang.

February 2019 - Grandmaster Sam Plumb and Master Nick Sellars were invited by Tang Soo Do Master Colin Baldantoni to teach Hapkido at the Hwarang Tang Soo Do Winter Warrior weekend in Fuerteventura, Spain.  Here are a few pictures from the event.


iIn May 2018, Moo Hak Kwan enthusiasts from around the world rendezvoused in Gyeongju, South Korea for the KHF Masters Seminar.  A weekend of intensive training was given by the Senior Masters of the KHF.

When the seminar was over, Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee arranged further training at other dojangs near Seoul.  He also organised an intensive programme of sightseeing.  Moo Hak Kwan students came from Australia, United Kingdom, India, Poland, and Spain.  Here are some pictures of the highlights of the tour:-


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